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James Brogue by JUSTIN REESS

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High quality Tan Brogues with Blue Accents and two lace options. 

The James wingtip brogue by Justin Reess has just landed at S & S Attire. This highly versatile shoe can be paired with casual and formal outfits, and the accents on both lace eyelet and outer sole set this shoe apart from your standard tan brogue.

A great choice to pair with chinos or jeans for the weekend outing, or finish a formal suit with the classic high shine leather and detailed brogueing Justin Reess is known so well for. 


Available to try exclusively in our Hexham Store. 


Leather Upper

Detailed Brogue Pattern

Blue or Tonal Laces 

Contrast Eyelet

Two Tone Contrast Outer Sole 

Shoehorn Included